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Ginger Fox creates bespoke treatment protocols designed to suit the needs of each client that steps inside the treatment room. 

Treatments with founder Agné offer a unique combination of her warmth and energy, unique massage techniques, and highly effective products to create a special treatment experience with visible lasting results to the skin.


Signature Powerfully Gentle Facial  | 60 mins | £51

This signature facial is a prescriptive treatment designed to respond to the skin's needs.  Lymphatic drainage and lifting massage techniques work to detoxify and tone the skin, leaving a smooth, healthy and glowing complexion. Recommended once a month to optimise skin health.

Express Hydration Facial | 30 mins | £27

This 30 minute treatment is designed to give an instant boost of nourishment and hydration to those in need of a quick pick-me-up. Perfect before an event or party for a radiant glow.

Signature Powerfully Gentle Body Massage | 60 mins | £47

In this relaxing full body treatment we use Swedish Massage techniques to soothe tired muscles, increase blood flow and reduce stress. A reviving and rejuvenating treat for the body from head-to-toe.

Express Reviving Body Massage | 30 mins | £25

In this express body massage we will focus on your key areas of muscular tension to provide relief and relaxation, kneading out knots and improving blood circulation.

Signature Powerfully Gentle Reflexology 60 mins  £47

This ancient practice is based on the believe that applying pressure to specific points on the feet will help your body to restore balance and promote overall well-being. This non-invasive therapy is known to reduce stress, improve circulation, relieve pain and enhance relaxation.

Ultimate Signature Harmonious Fusion 90 mins  £75

Experience the benefits of our ultimate massage and reflexology combination.

Indulge in a state of deep relaxation  and healing powers. This harmonious fusion not only melts away tension and stress,but also promotes overall well-being when your body is gently kneaded and your reflex points are skilfully stimulated, unlocking a renewed sense of vitality and harmony .

All treatments are suitable for sensitive, acne, eczema and rosacea prone skin.


Thank you for your enquiry! We will be in touch soon.

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