Meet Agné

Since childhood I struggled with my highly sensitive skin and bright ginger hair, I was unable to find products that didn’t result in painful flare ups, and was constantly dying over my natural colour.

I felt a lot of pressure to conform to a stereotypical type of 'beauty'  and it took me a long time to find confidence in myself and realise the importance of accepting myself as I am.


I decided eventually to take matters in to my own hands, and I trained as an aesthetician, studying the skin, and researching the most effective natural ingredients so that I could create a skincare range for myself, and others like me.

I believe firmly in respecting our planet, showing kindness to others, and harnessing the power of nature to effectively treat the skin. 


Ginger Fox is a nickname my husband gave me when we first met, and for me it felt like the perfect name for  my products; it embodies my love of nature and animals, and my hope to encourage everyone to embrace their natural beauty.


Agne Kleinauskaite Ginger Fox Natural Be

Our ability to love is the most powerful gift we have. At Ginger Fox we apply that love to everything we do.Agné